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 WebSites Management system  

Welcome to - Internet System is designed for building and site management. - This is a new multi-purpose Internet system for creating and managing your site. Internet resource VeleGo provides business owners, websites and Internet users to build powerful full-fledged professional sites and manage them without any programming knowledge. Internet system for creating and managing sites VeleGo includes automatic and semi-modules and services to create and maintain sites of all levels.
    At the present time the system VeleGo under testing in a narrow range of developers, web masters and designers. Upon completion of a number of tests we will be happy to provide you VeleGo on the sites of our partners (resellers).

Why do it?

    You may ask why do it when the market a vast selection of different modules and software for free? Yes, but as far as we know today a free market is not perfect and tend to date "only free cheese in a mousetrap!" and referring to the free software, we are more likely to have a business to burglary, theft and etc. that compels us in the future will turn to third-party proffesionals to spend precious time and money.
    Purpose of the web sites builer for creation and management of sites based on multi engine VeleGo allows to combine of commercial projects and to modified free software , and give to users the best possible safe and easy site management with technical support system.