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 WebSites Management system  

VeleGo professional WebSites & Content Management System

    VeleGo - WSMS&CMS(WebSite & Content Management System) is Web interface based system that is used for provision of joint creation of professional websites and manage, editing and text and multimedia content organization process. Usually this content is considered as unstructured data of objective task opposite to structured data that are managed by DBMS. Such systems allow to develop website lightly. And it is also easier to manage website with this kind of programs. The main advantage of CMS usage is the fact that CMS is compounded individually for every project. System does not impose any limits for website managing and you can define by yourself where blocks with dynamic content will be placed. You can decrease the cost of website redesign specifically, all website's content is stored in database. You will need just to change pages' templates.

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 Kettering Raul
 Tourism in Israel